Mastering The Tuxedo

This holiday season, or any season, when you need to bring out the tuxedo, don't be afraid or confused on what to do. Whenever you display confidence with any outfit, you will look far more ravishing! When you wear your tuxedo, keep it cool, classic and crisp.

Here are three excellent tips that will help you master the tuxedo:

1. White shirts please. Formal wear always calls for a white shirt. We have seen for a short period, during the 90's, that the black shirt, black tie and black tux ensemble on the red carpet. However, a white tuxedo shirt is much more elegant for the occasion.

2. Ditch the cummerbund. The cummerbund is so 1970's. The perfect look for the modern gentleman is a full backed vest or show off your style with bold suspenders. The vest is the new classic for the tuxedo, but opt for a full vest. Do not wear the one that just clips around your neck and waste though, its too elementary. Suspenders are for the more edgy gent. Opt for suspenders to show a little more unique style.

3. Show some cuff. Cuff links that is! When wearing a tuxedo, cuff links are more appropriate. If you don't wear them often, this is the perfect time to take them out of the velvet case they stay in. Also, when wearing a tuxedo, more of your shirt sleeve should show beyond your coat sleeve. Rather than the normal quarter inch, a half to three-quarter inch is a bit more fancy.

Master the tuxedo gentleman! Wear it with confidence & class and you will be far ahead to other fellow's with the so called cool. And that's when you're living Life...With Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

"What Men Want" - A Lady's Discussion with Michael Ferrera


Ferrera Fresh Tip: Invest more in the enhancement of your relationship, rather than the enhancement of your wedding...

Ladies, have you even wondered exactly "What Men Want"? Well there is an upcoming event that can give more insight to be the best you possible while knowing what they want. Wendy Gladney, founder of Forgiving for Lining will be hosting a panel of esteemed gentlemen, including designer and author Michael Ferrera, in a discussion titled "What Men Want: Love Yourself First & We Will Follow" 

Join the discussion on November 12, 2011 in Los Angeles California to advance your swag as a lady or gent!

See you there...

Yours truly,

PR for 

November 12, 201 
5990 Green Valley Circle, Culver City, CA 90230

To learn more about this event (Click Here) 

National Adoption Awareness Month

Each year, the President of the United States issues a proclamation that sets aside November as National Adoption Month. In addition to the Presidential proclamation, many State governors also issue proclamations in an effort to raise awareness of the need for loving and permanent homes for children in their states. 

While all adoption-related issues are significant, the particular focus of this month is the adoption of children currently in foster care. To help build awareness of adoption, participation in local programs, events, and activities by those of us with a direct connection to adoption can often be the most effective way to promote positive perceptions, debunk the myths, and draw attention to the tens of thousands of children in foster care who wait and hope for permanent families. 

To learn more (Click Here)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fresh

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Real men wear pink with confidence, and ladies love it...

This October 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although the issue is one that we should be cognizant of all year round, October is the month that breast cancer awareness is given special recognition and attend.

Since it's fall, the way you add pink into your wardrobe is by mixing it with other fall colors. Gentlemen, grab your brown suit and accent it with a pink shirt and a brown tie. Or, a tan brown suit with a pink tie and pocket square. Pink is a Spring color, but for the month of October there is an exception, so rock the pink with confidence fellas!

For ladies, well this is easy, this is really your color so wear it as you wish. I will however share with you the signs and energy you give off when you wear pink. Pink is a very welcoming and positive color. Bright pink says to others you are very energetic and outgoing. While soft pink is very peaceful and assuring, making you very welcoming to talk to and approach.

With that in mind ladies and gents, in your "Life...with Style," consciously add pink to your wardrobe this month to show your support for females around the world that are fighting with, planning to prevent and those who have concurred breast cancer. Breast cancer is a serious issue that is being answered with vast amounts of time and resources devoted to finding cures and enhancements to this disease. Find out more at National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

Enjoy PINK!

Yours truly,

Michael Ferrera

The Coffee Date Excuse

Ferrera Fresh Tip: GENTS... spontaneous dates with her will make her smile and keep her on her toes...

Well today, September 29th is National Coffee Day and many places are offering free or discounted cups of Joe to all visitors. (Check them out here) With that in mind gents, why not have a simple spontaneous date with that lady you're interested in. In addition, it's the perfect excuse to see her again and you can get to know more about her over some delicious coffee.

Try this: Call her in the middle of the day and say "Would you like to celebrate with me today? It's National Coffee Day and it would be great for us to get together for lunch or after work. What's a good time for you?"

Even if she does not answer, leave a pleasant message that will make her smile, and  at least you will stay on her mind all day.  Remember, this date idea is able to be used all year 'round! That's Ferrera Fresh in a "Life...with Style!" A text message can work too, but be creative in your wording and no typos.

Have at it gentlemen, and remember it's the simple things in life that make her smile. You do not always need to buy fancy gifts or watches, what she really wants is your time

Happy National Coffee Day!

Yours Truly,

Michael Ferrera

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Wow, it is the fall season already!
If you're a regular viewer of our blog, you know it’s time to revisit the upcoming fall trends of 2011.
Interestingly, some things we have forecast are now coming to the forefront. We've mentioned in previous blog about the boldness of orange and yellow sticking around for a while. To read the old blog for the Fall 2010 trends, (or click here). In addition, after attending MAGIC this season in August, the experience and info made it definitely true.
Gentlemen, continue to add orange and rust shades of orange inside of your wardrobe. Great ways to do this are with neckties, shirts, socks and accessories.
Ladies the same applies as well and I believe accessories will be a great way to do this. Some great examples of the use of orange and rust colors are like in scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets as well as pants for the fall season.
In addition to the orange color, another color that stands out is going to be somewhat of a mustard yellow-ish color. Some other colors on the horizon for fall arts fans are neutral colors. Neutral colors will blend great with the season and be compatible when matching pair with other things in your wardrobe.
In addition to color, one of the things that we start to see coming to the forefront for Fall 2011 and going into 2012 is 'layering'. Adding cardigans, light sweaters, vest and even turtle necks (yes, we see them in a lot of shows this season.) Layering is not uncommon, however, it is becoming more popular in Euro fashion shows.
We have recently seen scarves cardigans, shirts, jackets, gloves and so forth, add more bulk and weight; making it warmer for the cold seasons of fall and winter. I find it really classy that women do this quite often, but gentlemen, make sure to do this in your wardrobe for style, it is in!

The White Party Insight

The All White Party. Where did this phenomenon come from? Making for such a fashionable event, what made people decide to get together dressed in all white? Well arguably, the white party was not always a so called fashion event...

Sometime ago there was said to be a man named Fran├žois Pasquier. While in Paris, he planned to meet with a few friends in the park, and the way they would identify one another, among the locals with ease, was that they would all be dressed in complete white.

After some people heard this captivating story, the all white theme became a popular way to identify certain people when meeting up as identification. As the theme grew, it evolved into a full out annual white dinner aka "Paris Dinner en Blanc" (officially in 1988), where people would meet up in a location that would be undisclosed until the day of the event. The attendees that have obtained the location would of course dress in all white, and they would bring a few family members and friends along with personal baskets of food, wine, and light entertainment. At the Paris Dinner en Blanc, the attendees would meet others and fellowship throughout the night.

When I think about the concept I ponder: “Hmmm, what a fun concept that just evolve into something amazing!” The excitement and anticipation of an undisclosed welcoming location, where you can have enjoyment among people you know and do not know, seems gratifying when some of the history is known.

Although no one really knows the exact orientation, meaning, or details behind the white party; today it exists as a fashionable phenomenon, even though it was not intended to be so.

That's "Life with...Style!"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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How to Communicate on a Date

Ferrera Fresh Tip: GENTS there should never be a dull moment of conversation when on a date with a wonderful woman. Good communication skills on a date will allow her to open up and be more comfortable with you...

While dining, the perfect gentleman knows never to talk with food in his mouth. Finish chewing and then begin to talk. She will rather wait until you finish chewing in order to hear you more clearly. Ask her questions when you see she is not eating or drinking. A good time to ask questions is when she has just finished chewing, not while she is chewing or has just put food in her mouth. Now while she is talking, you chew and eat, which will make for a great dining experience in which you enjoy great conversation while having a meal. 

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

What does "Dressed to the Nines" mean?

We all have heard the term "dressed to the nines" which refers to someone that is immaculately dressed. Well, this is actually a very old phrase which comes from the 1800's military era.

When suits were made for military men, master tailors would use more than enough fabric to create a top notch suit. Although a gentleman's suit could easily be made with 5-6 yards of fabric, the tailors would use a full  "9 yards" of fabric to get a rich finished look. This is where we get the phrase "dressed to the nines." Over time, the phrase began to be used when referring to someone that is dress extremely well, even if their attire is not made with a complete nine yards of fabric.

Ferrera Fresh Tip: In a Life with Style, always dress to the nines! And now you know why...

Yours truly,

Michael Ferrera

Light Gray is The Gray

After Returning from the MAGIC fashion this season, visiting seminars, booths and textile companies, there a few colors that are going to make a big impact the the upcoming 2011 Spring and seasons to come. One of those colors is Light Gray! Different from what we have seen in the past few seasons, of the darker charcoal color gray, the gray we now see from the major textile manufactures and style houses has a blast of white in it making it very light. Take a look at some of the shades of gray we will see in the up coming seasons.

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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