What does "Dressed to the Nines" mean?

We all have heard the term "dressed to the nines" which refers to someone that is immaculately dressed. Well, this is actually a very old phrase which comes from the 1800's military era.

When suits were made for military men, master tailors would use more than enough fabric to create a top notch suit. Although a gentleman's suit could easily be made with 5-6 yards of fabric, the tailors would use a full  "9 yards" of fabric to get a rich finished look. This is where we get the phrase "dressed to the nines." Over time, the phrase began to be used when referring to someone that is dress extremely well, even if their attire is not made with a complete nine yards of fabric.

Ferrera Fresh Tip: In a Life with Style, always dress to the nines! And now you know why...

Yours truly,

Michael Ferrera


  1. I never knew this! Really interesting!

  2. Andrew4/07/2013

    This is actually new to me. Military suit is an understatement, I have understand now that it was very hard to made it. Quite interesting!

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  3. Anonymous12/01/2013

    It actually refers to being in the nineth row at the theater .they are the best seats in the house and the rich would always sit there because you didn't hurt your neck looking up and you could still see the stage really good

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