Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fresh

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Real men wear pink with confidence, and ladies love it...

This October 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although the issue is one that we should be cognizant of all year round, October is the month that breast cancer awareness is given special recognition and attend.

Since it's fall, the way you add pink into your wardrobe is by mixing it with other fall colors. Gentlemen, grab your brown suit and accent it with a pink shirt and a brown tie. Or, a tan brown suit with a pink tie and pocket square. Pink is a Spring color, but for the month of October there is an exception, so rock the pink with confidence fellas!

For ladies, well this is easy, this is really your color so wear it as you wish. I will however share with you the signs and energy you give off when you wear pink. Pink is a very welcoming and positive color. Bright pink says to others you are very energetic and outgoing. While soft pink is very peaceful and assuring, making you very welcoming to talk to and approach.

With that in mind ladies and gents, in your "Life...with Style," consciously add pink to your wardrobe this month to show your support for females around the world that are fighting with, planning to prevent and those who have concurred breast cancer. Breast cancer is a serious issue that is being answered with vast amounts of time and resources devoted to finding cures and enhancements to this disease. Find out more at National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

Enjoy PINK!

Yours truly,

Michael Ferrera

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