The White Party Insight

The All White Party. Where did this phenomenon come from? Making for such a fashionable event, what made people decide to get together dressed in all white? Well arguably, the white party was not always a so called fashion event...

Sometime ago there was said to be a man named Fran├žois Pasquier. While in Paris, he planned to meet with a few friends in the park, and the way they would identify one another, among the locals with ease, was that they would all be dressed in complete white.

After some people heard this captivating story, the all white theme became a popular way to identify certain people when meeting up as identification. As the theme grew, it evolved into a full out annual white dinner aka "Paris Dinner en Blanc" (officially in 1988), where people would meet up in a location that would be undisclosed until the day of the event. The attendees that have obtained the location would of course dress in all white, and they would bring a few family members and friends along with personal baskets of food, wine, and light entertainment. At the Paris Dinner en Blanc, the attendees would meet others and fellowship throughout the night.

When I think about the concept I ponder: “Hmmm, what a fun concept that just evolve into something amazing!” The excitement and anticipation of an undisclosed welcoming location, where you can have enjoyment among people you know and do not know, seems gratifying when some of the history is known.

Although no one really knows the exact orientation, meaning, or details behind the white party; today it exists as a fashionable phenomenon, even though it was not intended to be so.

That's "Life with...Style!"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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  1. Thanks for the history lesson Michael! Going to my 1st White Party on a cruise in a few days. I love history.


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