Ferrera Fresh Tip: Just because it's "in style" doesn't mean it's your style! Stay true to your style by picking and choosing which fashion trends to wear this season...

It's in! After the season's showings at MAGIC, MRket and a tons of other fashion shows this Summer in Las Vegas we now know the items and trends that will be in the stores and boutiques for Autumn/Winter 2010. To save you time on looking into countless magazines, watching senseless sitcoms & movies to find the latest fashion trends, just stay close to "Life...With Style" by Michael Ferrera and we'll keep you covered.

Recently GQ online posted over 200 snapshots of the top trends in male fashion for the upcoming 2010 Fall season. Many of which were seen at MAGIC, Project, Pool, and MRket trade shows in August '10 by yours truly. A full view of the shots are below for you to look at, grab ideas, or take tips when you're ready but here's the "Ferrera Fresh" rundown of the notable trends to consider or not consider

1. For your suits gents, the slimmer suit lapel is still holding its ground as one of the looks to go for when choosing your suits.

2. The plaid neckties are still in as well. Not really the coolest thing to be wearing now since everyone is doing it, but nonetheless it's still a popular trend. Try not to wear this look more than twice a month.

3. Surprisingly the boat shoe that we talked about (in this post here) is continuing to be worn in the fall! Now it is like a mid-high boot style boat shoe in navy, green or tan that's worn dressed casual with tailored jeans and a blazer. A very cool look try it!
4. Flannel! Oooh, yes, I like! From full over coats, to simple blazers, ties, socks and other accessories, flannel is definitely a Fall trend 2010 to be used in your wardrobe this Fall gents.

5. Lace-up boots are another notable mention and I'm not complete with this look. It's cool for some gents but it looks very ol'-school-vintage-military. Not the coolest look if a girl will think you're leaving for the military next week.

6. The toggle coat is in and is Certified "Ferrera Fresh!" Although we may not get that cold on the west coast, it is for sure a piece for east coast gents to have and others to travel with.

7. Whoaaa! Graphic knit sweaters are in? Didn't see too much of this coming for the season. It looks kind of 'kid-ish' for a grown man to be wearing in 2010 but if you do wear this just wear confidence. I may try a few out and let you all know the response from the ladies.

8. The plaid suit or what GQ calls: shadow plaid....(Whatever) It's cool, try it! I have a nice amount of these styles in the Michael Ferrera Collection this season as well. It's Hot!

Other notables are wide knit scarves, beanies, leather gloves and oh leather wristbands on watches rather than metal links among the other usual accessories for the Fall season. Take a look at the picture and choose what looks you like and remember just because it's 'in' doesn't mean you have to do it. That's a "Life...With Style"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

Check the article HERE
HINT: If you click the print button on the slide show you can see all the pics by scrolling down 
rather than clicking the next button hundreds of time!

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