Mastering The Tuxedo

This holiday season, or any season, when you need to bring out the tuxedo, don't be afraid or confused on what to do. Whenever you display confidence with any outfit, you will look far more ravishing! When you wear your tuxedo, keep it cool, classic and crisp.

Here are three excellent tips that will help you master the tuxedo:

1. White shirts please. Formal wear always calls for a white shirt. We have seen for a short period, during the 90's, that the black shirt, black tie and black tux ensemble on the red carpet. However, a white tuxedo shirt is much more elegant for the occasion.

2. Ditch the cummerbund. The cummerbund is so 1970's. The perfect look for the modern gentleman is a full backed vest or show off your style with bold suspenders. The vest is the new classic for the tuxedo, but opt for a full vest. Do not wear the one that just clips around your neck and waste though, its too elementary. Suspenders are for the more edgy gent. Opt for suspenders to show a little more unique style.

3. Show some cuff. Cuff links that is! When wearing a tuxedo, cuff links are more appropriate. If you don't wear them often, this is the perfect time to take them out of the velvet case they stay in. Also, when wearing a tuxedo, more of your shirt sleeve should show beyond your coat sleeve. Rather than the normal quarter inch, a half to three-quarter inch is a bit more fancy.

Master the tuxedo gentleman! Wear it with confidence & class and you will be far ahead to other fellow's with the so called cool. And that's when you're living Life...With Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera


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  3. Anonymous10/28/2013

    Men in formal wear are a turn on!

  4. Suspenders should always be worn with tuxedo pants. Its not a style thing, its a "keeps up your pants" thing. Without them your pants will slip down and you will look terrible.

  5. I agree with Atlas dude. suspenders ARE a necessary part of the tuxedo as is the cummerbund. Unless you want to go through the night with your jacket buttoned up, a cummerbund or a vest is necessary to hide the waistband of your ensemble. You are supposed to appear as seamless as possible and covering your waistband helps that. Also, since the tuxedo trouser is not a pair of jeans, it is not supposed to be worn at the hip. Where these so-called ideas come from (high school proms, I suspect) I will never know. For further enlightenment on proper tuxedo wear, I highly recommend by Peter Marshall. This web site will fill any novice tuxedo wearing male in on what is right and why what is wrong is that way.

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