Michael Ferrera Wins Project Style Top Trendsetter

As head PR representative a Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing, I'm am not surprised that Mr. Ferrera is the champion of the Project Style competition at Victoria Gardens!

This past Friday October 29, 2010 The Victoria Gardens Mall hosted the final round of their style competition. Earlier this year through the months of June and September contestants styled off head-to-head to create the most stylish outfit and users of @Shoptopia voted for the winners. Designer & stylist Michael Ferrera won the 2nd round that placed him in the finals with five other contestants who also won their rounds with unique style.

When talking to Michael Ferrera about his style idea for the finals he said, "...I really wanted something that would make my outfit stand out drastically, since I know the other contestants have nice style!...The rules were that I had to incorporate my style, add a current trend, and stay within the budget allowed so I thought in my mind about the outfit before I even started shopping. I really wanted to stay true to my style and not just go for the win with a bunch of trends...and (While nodding his head) I definitely feel like I did that in what I call an "Elegant Swaggeristic" outfit! (Michael chuckles)

Congrats to Mr. Ferrera and check out Victoria Gardens Project Style! Thank you all for the continued support, blog views, and comments! It is always a pleasure to blog about the exciting things happening in fashion & style.

Finally, as you know, you are welcome to ask Michael Ferrera questions on Twitter or Ask@MichaelFerrera.com for any style tips that will enhance you "Life...With Style!"

Stay Fresh,
PR for
Michael Ferrera

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  1. Way to go Michael! Here at Shoptopia, we are very impressed... Will you be my personal stylist!?


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