How to Choose A Collar Spread

Dress shirt Fashion & dress shirt Style are not one in the same. You may have seen in a recent Ferrera Fresh Tip: Fashion is what you wear, Style is how you wear it!

I've recently been getting a ton of emails on shirt styles. What type to wear? What collar styles to choose? Whats "in"? Among others.

This timeless question will always remain but the most important thing when choosing shirts off-the-rack or custom made is
a good fit. Find a brand that fits your body type and stick with it. The new hot brand won't work for you if it doesn't design to your body type. Remember that just as your suits can be tailored to your body, so can your dress shirts. Take your over sized, box shaped dress shirts to a good tailor that can have them cut and shaped to your body. The shirt will feel better and not look like you're just wearing a puffy pillow case with a collar on it. Try tailoring your shirts, it works!

When choosing collar styles for men's dress shirts, rather than going with whats "in", use the collar to compliment the shape of your face and body type. The wider spread collar has recently become more popular at the time of this print, but it doesn't work for every guy. For slim gentleman it may be better to go with a wider spread collar. This allows your shoulders and face to look a bit broader, giving a nice even appearance to your slim body. Just the opposite, for larger gentleman a medium spread or more narrow spread collar may be a better fit. It allows for a more narrow sharp image in round
shoulders and facial features. When in doubt on what to choose its best to ask a professional for tips or go with a medium spread collar which is about 3'' apart from point-to-point. (See image to the right)

As for style of shirt such as french cuffs, plaids or stripes we'll save that for another post. But choose your fit and collar styles wisely to compliment your "Life...With Style!"

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