Button Collar Shirts: In Style or Not

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Style is a personal preference that should make you feel good!

With all the feedback & questions on the post "How to Choose a Collar Spread," I believe now the button down collar shirt deserves it's own mention! Before we go in to style tips, lets make it clear that there is no right or wrong in regards to button down collar shirts. The button down collar is a personal preference. If you like it wear it; if you don't, then don't.

When deciding on a button collar shirt or not, here are a few things to remember:
  • The purpose of button down collar shirts are to hold your collar in place. 
  • When you are wearing a jacket, the lapel of the jacket should hold your shirt collar in place anyway.
  • Button collar shirts are better fit for casual business attire and when you are not wearing a tie.
  • Collar dress shirts without a button do give off a cleaner and more crisp image. Buttons distract from your stylish tie.
  • If your concern is that your collar slides under your jacket lapel, try using very heavy or even metal collar stays. If your shirt does not have collar stay pockets, you can have them added in by your cleaners.
  • Rumor: Button down shirts are better for guys with large necks. Not true, the bulk of the button just makes the neck look larger.
  • Rumor: Button down collar shirts are for old guys. Not true, a button down shirt serves a purpose and can be use by either gent when appropriate.
  • Finally, if you do wear a button collar shirt always button the buttons! You just look sloppy if they are undone.
Form the mind of yours truly Michael Ferrera, I feel that a NO button collar is the better option when wearing a suit & tie. In a more casual environment the button collar shirt is more appropriate. Keep in mind gentlemen, & ladies who dress them, a variety of collar styles are nice to have in your wardrobe as you complete your Life...With Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

Classic Button Down Collar
Hidden Button Down Collar

 Stylish Button Down Collar

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