Michael Ferrera in Project: Style

So, we all know Mr. Ferrera for his extraordinary style and dapper image in suits, shirts & neckties! But let's not forget, as a stylist, this brother really has some chic style in casual wear!

For the month of July, Michael Ferrera was selected as a semi-finalist in the second round of Victoria Garden's Mall: Project Style. The contest works like this, Mr. Ferrera is sent out on a quest to create an outfit under $150 and people around the globe, including you, get to vote on who has the best outfit between the 2nd round contestants. All the items in the outfit must be bought from stores at Victoria Garden's and only one item can be added to the outfit from the contestant's closet. Kind of cool huh...

Of course, Mr. Ferrera created a very cool outfit, or what we regular readers are known to call, a "Ferrera Fresh" outfit! When I talked with Mr. Ferrera briefly on the phone about the outfit he described it like this:

"My style in this outfit is ahhh (thinking), 'classically cool!' Since polo shirts are always classic, I make it a bit more chic with double polo's for style, both from Express. You will see a lot more of this in '10 since we have already seen merchandise stylist doing it in stores. The bright fuchsia polo on the inside is popped on top of the lime-green polo collar for just a touch of "fresh". The cargo style shorts
are great to balance the brightness of the double polo's. The argyle lime-green of course matches the shirt, but screams a lot of confidence when you wear them with shorts. Sweet street walker sneakers from Aldo, A&F leather wrist wrap, and aviator frames complete the outfit for a classic but cool look!..." (End Quote)

I hadn't even seen the outfit yet, but envisioned everything he described minus the personal swagger he adds to the 'fit, making it even better! So, checkout Mr. "Ferrera Fresh" in the Victoria Garden's Project Style YouTube video & cast your vote today! You might even learn some cool styling tips to add in your Life...With Style!

Yours truly
PR or Michael Ferrera

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