Thanksgiving With Style!

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thank you for the continued views, blog reads and comments. I know there is a ton of valuable information here at "Life...With Style" by Michael Ferrera and we do our best to continue to provide you with useful information. Nonetheless, it's Thanksgiving week, a short work week, and another week to be thankful simply just for the gift of LIFE!

"With Style" as is in the title of the blog is an additive, a plus, a perk, a choice. But, the fact that we are able to have life in itself is enough for us all to be grateful and thankful all year around. In regards to the Style portion I encourage you to all add as part of life here are 3 Tips to make your Thanksgiving day more enjoyable:

1) Be on time! - This applies to both the host and the guest. If you are the one hosting Thanksgiving meal, make sure your food is prepared when your guest arrive and you are not still cooking! Your guest came to eat not to wait and eat. If you plan to have others cook with you, make sure they are aware of that and there are no surprises. As for the guest arriving to eat, please be on time especially if you are bringing a dish for others to eat. If there is a time set to eat, be respectful to that so that you do not hold up the party. If you know that you will be late because of other engagements, inform the host ahead of time.

2) Converse with Confidence! - Sometimes at holiday parties we are around family members we don't get to see regularly and the conversation can be awkward. I mean, you're technically family but this may be the first time you are meeting or haven't talked in years. The best way to avoid this awkward moment is to engage a third person or join into a conversation with the person you don't know and the person you do know while they are already talking.This gives you a common ground and possible introductions or backgrounds to be explained. After that, continue on talking to that person and get to know them. If you feel like you are the person that doesn't know many guest, you may need to mix & mingle a little more throughout the year. Use Facebook and Twitter to start building on relationships throughout the year!

3) Be Stylish in your Attire! - Yes, it is a holiday but that is not a day to take off your style! So on Thanksgiving day dress with style as your normally would. Do not hold back saying, " I don't want to slip on myself" or "maybe I'm too dressed up." It's cool, be yourself and you might even encourage others to step there style up or may want to direct them to this blog, "Life...With Style." ;) As you may know form reading other post the most important thing is style is being neat & organized!  If you remember these two components at all times your jeans, shoes, hats, or whatever you put on will have more value in your attire.

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving and as usual live Life with Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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