The Valentine's Day...Date Continued

As stated in the previous "Life...With Style" blog there are other options if you're not a cool chef in the kitchen...

The second option is again "go custom" choose a restaurant that ONLY takes reservations. That is sweet, cool, "Ferrera Fresh," exclusive, all the above. It says "I know what I'm doing." Again, out of the norm and you avoid the waiting foolishness, that's for the rookies. Many golf & country clubs, or city bistros offer this type of service and have a very nice selection of food at that. Note: Contact Michael Ferrera if you would like restaurant recommendations & ideas. The place you go will know it Valentine's so they will set the mood for you, no need to worry about that. Also if you can request a particular waiter/waitress if you've been to this place before and you know a name before you even get there, your Valentine will beyond impressed!

Finally, the convo for the night is light talk about her, how beautiful she is and why you're spending this night with her. No boardroom numbers tonight sir. Keep it cool, and chill as if still is the norm for you, even it's not. Comment on her earrings, bracelet, fashionable high heels or other things she may have on that are out of the ordinary. It lets her know that you pay attention to her and are interested.

Remember, as stated in the beginning of the V-Day Series keep your cool this Valentine's Day, it's just another way to display the gentleman that you are and you don't need a so called "Valentine's Day" to display it. That's "Life...With Style!"

Yours truly,
love blogger for
Michael Ferrera

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