Valentine's Day Garments

We'll I know you're thinking, we're a clothing company and haven't mentioned anything about attire for the Valentine's evening, "What is that?" I hope you know you have to dress "fly" if your in the Michael Ferrera brand or not. Depending on where you are going, or not going, a suit and tie may be appropriate. But for us who wear suits daily and want the clean & cool casual look, going with crisp denim, dress shirt and a well fit blazer is it! Ditch the tie and add a handkerchief for a little flare and cool. Again, RED handkerchief for us not so smart ones out there, but if you can pull off pink, do it! Now the only thing you have to do now is not spill on your garments! Cause with well planned evening like this she's reminded why she's with you in the first place. Now daters, significant others and spouses I'll leave the rest if the night up to you...

By the way, Ladies, Don't forget to do your part! Yes, you have a part...Bring out the beautiful, magnificent woman that you are. Let him know why he's with you. Put on the black dress, elongated earrings are, and ooohh yes, high heels, we love them! Add if there is a bracelet, a watch, or necklace he may have bought you, wear that! And of course, you know bold lipstick is must tonight, we love that! The clear extra sexy lip gloss always works and you know it's Valentine's Day so red is perfect.

Finally, for the evening ladies, be you, relax, have fun, don't put too much pressure on him. Lighten it up by doing something for him too. A small gift is nice. Try a nice necktie, a watch, a gift card, shirt certificate or some simple candies and a kiss is fine too. But a gift is not a mandatory for either party on Valentine's Day, just enjoy the moment together. Nonetheless, thank him and compliment him for being the gentleman that he is by the end of the night!

Happy Valentines Day!

Yours truly
Michael Ferrera

Designer Michael Ferrera
"Life...With Style"

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