Sigh...Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is approaching fellas and although cliche and done by all of us, the chocolates and bouquet of roses is almost a must. (which ladies never get tired of by the way) Make sure to plan early so that you're not the guy that is left without roses because they're sold out! Also, remember Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year, which means some places may be closed or have awkward delivery schedules. Plan accordingly gents...

A suggestion this year is to "go custom" with your roses. Visit your favorite florist and have the roses in the bouquet individually wrapped. You say, "Huh?" Yeah, a good florist will know exactly what you mean. They create a super fresh bouquet for you where each stem and rose is wrapped, with tissue paper, or other type of gauze material, with other frills and flares allowing the rose to still show and look amazing. She's going to love it!

It shows you go outside the norm and took time the plan by doing something special for her. Some ladies have never received something like this as well, so you'll get major 'points'. Shhhh, I won't tell her you got the idea from a fashion & lifestyle blog if you don't. Cost is not too much more expensive, many times we just don't know the florist offers this type of service, so we miss it.

So make it happen this year gents, be unique, as Valentine's Day is just another day to display your "Life...With Style!"

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