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DeAnne Lorraine
"Dynamic Dating Coach"

As we start February its time for us gents to start thinking about the day ladies do more than we do, Valentine's Day! Rather than huff & puff about the drag of planning dinner reservations and so forth, use this day to display your swagger, your cool, your uniqueness! We all know about the roses and chocolates that ladies love, but what do we do when seeking new ideas? We do exactly what the best athletes, and business professionals do...ask a coach!

DeAnne Lorraine is a professional dating coach who specializes in working with individuals to create a plan for attracting the opposite sex and enhancing existing relationships! Throughout one of her programs titled the "Inner Game" DeAnne states that she is not about a quick fix or a confident alter ego but encourages her clients to focus on unique attributes and of the genuine value that you bring to the other person! (hmm, ponder on that)

DeAnne Lorraine and designer Michael Ferrera, have had the opportunity to meet earlier in 2009 through social media and have communicated regularly to share ideas on how their expertise compliment one another. Colors, styles, and cuts of your attire all play a part in the dating experience and can be very strategic in the message you want to portray to the other person.. Statistics have shown that 93% of all communication is non-verbal with body language, tone and presentation. DeAnne also agrees that a stunning image is important when first capturing the eyes of the opposite sex.

DeAnne Lorraine is not just for one gender but ladies and gents alike. She's a perfect for the busy single business professional, the attractive always studying grad student, the middle aged back to dating individual as well as couples who want to improve their existing relationship.

Yes, some gents may be saying, I have no problem with the ladies or my girlfriend or wife loves me and I know I make her happy. That is fantastic, and I encourage to continue to do it because she's worth every bit of it! For you gentleman, take a glace at for quick & simple ideas to enhance what you are already doing.

So as we approach V-Day ladies and gents be unique, show your style, make your Valentine not only smile but glow as you continue to live every aspect of Life...With Style!

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Michael Ferrera

Deanne Lorraine is located in San Diego California and has been seen on Good Morning America, The Rachel Ray Show, San Diego Fox 5 as well as her own Deanne Lorraine YouTube channel. Please do check out her work at the links above, join her free dating newsletter, and contact for her personalized services.

DeAnne Lorraine

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