First Date Tips: 6 Steps to a Successful First Date

Ferrera Fresh Hint: GENTS The First dates the most important date, period!

Ahhh, yes the first date is always exciting for the simple fact that it is just New! However, the first date is your opportunity to display the gentleman that you are as well as observe and learn about the lady you are interested in.  Listening and good conversation will make this date successful without a doubt but remember dates are to be fun and not feel like an "interview." Here are 6 tips that will avoid date disasters and will make your first dates successful!
  • Make sure to plan this date! It shows her that you take time and that she is important. There is no excuse not to plan the first date, period!
  • Know a little about the weather for your date and a little bit about the things she likes and does not like as it pertains to food, fun and entertainment.
  • There is no need for too much touching or being close on a first date. If it does happen let her initiate it.  She may continually and subtly invite you to be closer to her with small touches, and other flirtatious signs. Just take note and keep your cool. 
  • The first date should be a place where you can actually talk! Movies, operas or plays just don’t work since you have to be silent in these places. Having dinner, a glass of wine, visit a cafĂ© or a lounge is more appropriate since you can interact in conversation.
  • Be very alert on the first date! Listen, respond, remember, take mental notes and know that all communication skills apply. Her body language and conversation will tell you whether this is the only date or if there will be other dates to follow.
  • Keep your cool and do not be too romantic on the first date! This might even make her want you more because it gives the impression that you are polite enough to respect her space which she will be attracted to! But, let her initiate romantic interaction and you respond as you desire...
One more tip for good measure which you regular readers know from other post which is, always dress your best! Put your skills in to play from the gentleman’s style blogs and carry on your "Life...With Style!"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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