Dress Like Your Age

Ferrera Fresh Tip: All the information you receive may not always be directly intended for you, but for you to share with other people! Always share good information with other people...

Wow, in doing research and always advancing knowledge on style, fashion, etiquette, chivalry or just simple greatness, I stumble upon a great article at AskMen.com titled: Dress Your Age 30s! After a short chuckle the article was read and in fact there is some good information for the gentleman that is at the crossroads of "Am I still cool or now a corporate professional?"

This article at AskMen.com gives some good insight on simple ways for the gentleman advancing in his life and career to also advance his style. This is for the gent that doesn't need to bar hop every weekend with the boys, is probably someones boss in the office and reads a good book every so often. Although all of us may not need the tips, grab some of them and share the information with someone else in a subtle way. You can do this by posting a link on your own Facebook wall or ReTweeting it to your Twitter followers, you might be helping someone, try it.

Nonetheless, check the article and as said before in a Ferrera Fresh Tip: ...never compromise your cool for the corporate world, combine the two and keep it "corporate-cool," that's Life...With Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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