Beauty Come Forth feat. Michael Ferrera

On the October issue of Beauty Come Forth magazine marking the magazine's one year anniversary, designer Michael Ferrera was selected as the wardrobe consultant for the magazines front cover!

After learning more about the magazine and meeting with Myra Wallace the Beauty Come Forth magazine Founder/Publisher/CEO, Mr. Ferrera had the perfect idea for the wardrobe that would make the anniversary issue complete! When talking with Mr. Ferrera about his styling ideas for the October issue he said,  

"...The first thing that I thought of when asked to consult for the cover was, we had to make Myra the star of the issue!...I mean it's a valuable magazine, that she created, and she is worthy of the shine on the anniversary issue...So I considered colors in the male suits that would of course fit the fall season (October) and used some bright iridescent colors in the neckties for the gents to accent Myra's dress in celebration of the magazine's anniversary...I had a great time working with the BCF team and look forward to working with them again in the future."

After getting past the excitement of the anniversary issue and the handsome men on the cover in Michael Ferrera custom clothing, I did have a chance to read the issue by clicking on the page links above, to the right and left of the cover and found some very insightful information. Some topics on fashion & style, fitness & health, finance, and relationship are a few that stood out, which you may enjoy as well!

So when you have a moment take a look at Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing on the cover of the October anniversary issue of Beauty Come Forth magazine, as it is sure to fit your "Life...With Style!"

PR for
Michael Ferrera

Photography by Davide Stennett

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