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Quiet often question come into the inbox at ask@michaelferrera.com, Facebook, & Twitter for answers to quick fashion & style questions. Ferrera Fresh Tips with the ladies, date ideas, nice restaurants to visit, among others. Which means, if one person is asking then there are others out there too with the same questions. Here are a few of this weeks top questions, use as you wish and share with others.

Questioner: When traditionally is it best to wear a two button suit versus a three button suit? -Gentleman | Oakland, CA

Ferrera Fresh Answer: There is no "traditionally" best. The number of buttons on a suit are completely for style, so you can choose based on personal preference! The 3 button is the classic-cant-really-go-wrong, but currently the 2 button is a little more fresh since it's lighter, simple, chic and professional all in one...

Questioner: What color shirt would you recommend with a white linen suit for a wedding? Very casual, I'm wearing sandals. - Gentleman | Santa Monica, CA

Ferrera Fresh Answer: Color shirt! Something bright like teal, bright pink, or royal blue dress shirt. If the sandals have brown in it, a shirt with tan or brown is fresh too.

Questioner: What is "corporate casual?" -Gentleman | Rancho, CA

Ferrera Fresh Answer: "Technically" there's no such thing! This was started as a way to just dress casual, but it depends on the event. Polo's, slacks or slacks, shirt and a blazer often work. The main thing is you can ditch the neck tie.

Remain fresh you all and live Life with Style!

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