A Florist for A Gentleman!

Ferrera Fresh Tip: GENTS Shhh, but you should have a business relationship with a few florist so that can help you and show you love throughout the year for your lady...or ladies...

Gentleman, there are almost two or three different occasions throughout the year that we for sure need to grab a beautiful bouquet of flowers for that special lady in your life. Among those days are Valentines Day, a birthday and anniversaries if you're lucky enough to be married. Not to mention, that you can send flowers for no reason at all, which ladies absolutely love! So when these days begin to come close there is no need for you to be running around, searching the Internet, and calling multiple stores looking for a some flowers. It is much more beneficial and convenient to find one or two florist that you know personally that also know you. Yes, cost is a factor but in the long run a "relationship" with a local florist will be more cost effect by getting favors and discounts because you're a regularly customer. In addition, when you call, pick up or have your flowers delivered you have the confidence of knowing your flowers are going to look good for that special lady! (or ladies if you're single, just kidding...but not really)

Remember, ladies (plural), does not have to mean a lady you're dating! We all may have mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, clients or friends that are deserving of an occasional flower arrangement. There also may be occasions, good and not so good, throughout the year that flowers are appropriate. Such occasions are sending a "Get Well" bouquet for someone that is ill, a bouquet for a friend after a passing in their family, or a generous "Thank You" bouquet as a kind gesture. All these yearly events will allow you build a positive relationship with your local florist which will be handsomely rewarding to you as a gentleman in many different ways! ;o)

That's Life...With Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

Here are some flicks to add to your repertoire of "Girly Movies"
You dont have to like them, just know they exist and there's some flower shops scenes in them to grab some tips from too.


  1. Anonymous9/10/2010

    I LOVE this blog! I'm gonna need for all of my male friends to take this advice!!! Step your game up and KNOW your florists!!!

  2. Nice! Hopefully they get the hint towards their ladies.


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