How to Wash Dress Shirts: Cleaners or Laundry

Ferrera Fresh Tip: You invest in your dress shirts, so invest in taking care of them as well...

Since we all have busy schedules, many of us love the convenience of dropping clothes off at the local cleaners to be washed, dried and pressed! Then we pick them up or have them delivered in a day, or even a few hours. Convenient for gentlemen and ladies a like!

A client asked, after receiving his first order of Michael Ferrera custom shirts, "How should I wash and take care on my shirts?" That question prompted a blog! As a wardrobe consultant and fabric connoisseur, as you've read in the post Care for my Sheep,  I will share one of the best ways that will make your dress shirts, last longer & look better!

I start by saying that taking your shirts to the cleaners is not completely wrong. In fact, the convenience of having someone do your laundry for you is almost priceless! However, when washing dress shirts, try to wash & dry them at home and then take them to the cleaners just to be professionally pressed. The advantages of doing this are:

1. You control the chemicals or detergent that goes on your dress shirts! The chemicals and washes that the cleaners uses are extremely powerful and can be more harmful to cotton. By washing dress shirts at home will allow your dress shirts to last longer because of using a more delicate detergent.

2. You control 'how' your clothes are washed! In your machine at home you can choose a normal or delicate cycle and adjust accordingly to your liking. Most of the time a normal cycle is fine for home machines, but at the cleaners only uses one cycle for all clothes washed at the same time, which can be harmful to your fancy cotton dress shirts.

3. You control the drying as well! Just as when washing, drying at the cleaners is done in bunches. At home you control how your clothes are dried and can even choose to air dry which will also cause less shrinkage over time.

4. Your clothes don't have that awkward cleaners smell! You know what I'm taking about. The smell that doesn't really smell like laundry. Yes, your clothes look clean but imagine the types of chemicals they used to get them that way, which gives off that awkward cleaners smell.

5. You could save time! If your cleaners does all work on site, which is a good thing, the longest part is the washing and drying. When your shirts are already washed and dry you can sometimes drop in with your shirts and simply wait for 10 or so minutes at a local shopping center while your shirts a being professionally pressed!

Now that you've considered these things on how to wash dress shirts, apply the tips and see if you like. Your dress shirts will look better, smell better, feel softer, and last longer, which so appropriate when living your "Life...With Style!"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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