Smell Good & Stay on Her Mind

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Gentleman, if you want to stay on her mind, have an awesome fresh scent and she will smell you there, even when you're not!

Why is it that when we smell a particular scent that it brings up memories of that event,  moment or person? Many times it is not even the scent that is the most enjoyable part, but it is the scent that brings us to remembrance.

In professor Trygg Engen's book Odor Sensation and Memory he explains why we react so instinctively to scent. Although I will not go into detail about the book specifics it is important that we take note. If scent has such a powerful affect on memory then its only right that we smell good to stay on her mind gentlemen. The body wash we use, the environments we're in, and of course the cologne we choose all play a part in how ladies remember us.

When you embrace her for that gentlemanly kiss, pass by in close proximity, hug or caress her she embraces your scent! Knowing this, you can stay on her mind long after you are gone gents! If she ever compliments your cologne you're wearing, you may want to stick with that one for a while. Your scent will make her remember the good times she has with you or that she has not yet had.  Then, just for a moment, she may pause and reminisce on the wonderful gentleman that you are! And that's all you need to stay on her mind and have her wanting you more. That's Life...with Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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  1. Definitely agree with this post. Most men don't think about it but a fabulous scent/cologne can leave a lasting impression on a woman. Good post


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