Cheap Dates: Inexpensive Ideas that are Rich in Quality

Ferrera Fresh Tip: GENTS The same things that helped you get your lady interested are the same things you should continue to do in the relationship to keep her…

After receiving at least a handful of personal emails, Facebook messages and tweets in the last week about how how more men should use the fresh tips. I’m encouraged to simply nudge us gentleman to always keep it fresh in relationships with the ladies!

I’m no relationship coach but because of the fresh tips I’ve received messages from different ladies that the men they have dated don’t take time to “plan” a nice date. That men minimize the quality of dates over time, or that men get too comfortable now that they are in the relationship by not doing the things they used to do.

Many times ladies don’t always need to have the expensive, luxurious dates but they do want to know that a man took time to plan, set aside time, and shows that he genuinely cares. We all know that dinners and movies are classic dates but think about how many dinners and movies she have experienced. (chuckle)

So think outside the box gents and always keep your dates fresh! A Ferrera Fresh Tip to remember that will liven up your dates and minimizes the cost of the date is, “think like a child, but make sure your actions are mature!” Meaning: have fun while dating these wonderful ladies, gents! Dating should not be a "chore" but an enjoyable experience for you and her. Be creative and you might even save some money and have more dates! Until next time ladies and gents, I’ll leave you with 10 fresh date ideas that the ladies will love!

1. Cook dinner together! Find a few recipes from the food network and mix it up together in the kitchen. It’s a great time to flirt with her and enjoy a meal in an intimate setting.

2. Race car driving! Not the kiddy go-karts, but there are some race centers that have adult size karts that you both can race and play! It makes for great future “remember when we…” conversations!

3. Picnic at the beach! Not only do you get to check her out in a swimsuit, but it’s a nice “planned” hangout. Not to mention you can show off your fitness if you’ve read the fitness post!

4. Wine tasting! Sounds expensive but it’s not! With just a little planning you can find a tour and wine tasting for two at very minimal or no cost!

5. Miniature Golfing! Remember when you did this as kids? She does too, which is why she’ll like it! Again great time to flirt and to friendly compete with her.

6. Art Walk! If she likes art, visit a local museum and just walk around, wink, and flirt with her as you pretend to look at art! It may not be the coolest thing for you to do, but it could get the girl! ;o)

7. “Weekday dates!” Meet her for a short lunch, happy hour after work, meet up for appetizers, or meet her for  a glass of wine at a roof top location. All of these things shows you’ve planned.

8. Go bowling! A classic date and another friendly competitive hangout.

9. Go sightseeing! Chances are if you’ve lived in an area for a while there are a ton of historic places that you both haven’t explored. Do some light Google research and go see them.

10. Read a cook book, a lifestyle magazine or a blog together and do an activity you find interesting! Hint: “Life with Style” by Michael Ferrera is a good place to start.

Yours Truly,


  1. Excellent. Ive been checking out your posts on facebook for a while now, so when I saw the title of this link, I knew it would be worth the read. Useful information that applies to all. Keepin' it fresh as always.

  2. Anonymous11/03/2010

    I am so impressed by you Mr. Ferrera! This is a great venue for good ideas! Keep up the good work, I am so proud of you man! Hey if or when I have a son I need an autographed copy of your greatest work, so document it.

  3. Oh and here is a link to Artwalk. It is actually an event held in downtown LA once a month where all kinds of stores (real estate offices, clothing stores, spas etc) agree to let artists hang their art and let public come by and look at it. Bands set up to play music in the street, food trucks park in one area so the public can eat and artists line the sidewalks waiting to do on art on the spot. I'm not sure if it happens during the winter & spring but during the summer this event is a blast and it is FREE!!


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