Suit Check

Men's garments or the items we wear do not change as much as fashion items for women. However, there are times when things become more popular or 'in style" for men at one time or another.

As I have said before in the "Life...With Style" blog: Stay true to your style and self... just because its "in" doesn't mean you need to wear it. But, as a gentleman you should take note and add pieces, items, a trends to your wardrobe that you like to enhance your style!

Many of us have seen in the series Mad Men and how they have encouraged men to take another look at their suit game and re-up their image. It almost shows that it's cool to wear a suit! Some of the trends are things like: ditching the pleats and going with flat front pants. Two or one button suits have become more popular. A slimmer cut trouser and jacket to name a few notable characteristics of gentleman's style.

Just remember to take note gents, and ladies who help dress them! It's always important for a gentleman to know what's up and be at the top of his game in a "Life...With Style!"

Yours Truly,
Michael Ferrera

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