Care for my Sheep...

A gentleman's suit. An essential part of the male wardrobe, but when shopping for that new suit do you really understand why that garment can sometimes carry an extremely high ticket price?

I'll get this out of the way first, yes, you are paying for the brand name. Designers and tailors that actually make the product come at now small price but their expertise and imagination are simply priceless. In addition, some of the luxury brands, or what we call luxury brands, in the world use some of the finest raw materials available to man, which is often what you pay for.

When beginning the construct of a suit, wool makers take sincere time in examining the sheep of which the wool comes from. There are many different breeds of sheep which we will not go into in this post. The sheep species is very delicate and can be very costly to care and nurture throughout its lifetime. Shepherds or persons that care for sheep spend countless hours feeding, watering, resting and protecting their sheep. Even to the point of minimizing the stress level of the sheep, which is cause by fearing other animals since sheep are nearly defenseless unless protected.

Caring for the sheep also includes making sure the weather and environment is conducive to the sheep's growth. Some fine wool sheep are even covered with huge shades to block sun rays, which can be harmful to the sheep by drying the wool, as well as to protect it from rain, snow, wind and all other natural conditions. Even finer wool can be taken from the belly of the sheep which is rarely exposed to the sun light, rain or show, causing this wool to be extremely soft and can carry a high price tag to the actual fabric manufactures. (the people that make those fancy pinstripes and colors you like) This in turn cases the finished fabric to be extraordinarily soft, look exquisite, and be extremely comfortable when wearing. Sheep essentially need extreme care just as a child, or any other animal, and when cared for correctly can be very valuable to garments.

The list of care that goes into fine sheep wool can continue, but these few points can put in prospective that high price tagged suit. Moreover, when taken care of properly, that same suit can last you a dozen plus years. Now when you think about it, that oh so expensive suit is now, not so that expensive. Quite frankly, I understand that most people do not think of all this when shopping for a suit, and are more concerned with a good product. Do know however, when you invest in that high quality suit, you're getting a lot more than what meets your mind, and true quality you and the other people noticing you will be able to see.

That's "Life...With Style!"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

Luxury Raw Washed Wool

Fine English Wool Coat

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