Male Grooming

Over the past 2 or so years we've seen a drastic shift in males putting more care into grooming themselves. With the consistent influx of GQ, Esquire and of course lady mag's stressing the importance of a well groomed man; gents have considered haircuts more often, MAN-manicure, and even MASK-uline facials. However in the April '10 issue of GQ we see an article asking, "has male grooming gone too far?" Among the male eyebrow waxing, and pedicures by men we see some gents go the complete opposite. It even features photos of lady hunk Brad Pitt and football star Randy Moss rocking full rugged beards with not much grooming, to say the least, in a interesting humorous read. (Take a look when you can)

It definitely made me think is a life with style what magazines, movie stars, televisions shows and blogs tell us? Not at all! A "Life...With Style" is what you choose, in your style! It's what makes you unique and individual, which is the reason why "Life...With Style" by Michael Ferrera was created. To encourage you with stylish ideas to enhance your current lifestyle. Yes, blogs & GQ style magazines can give you helpful tips, advice and ideas. But when all the reading, watching, and reviewing is done, it's up to you to choose what you like, what to tweak into making it your own life with style!

So if Man-manicures, pedicures and facial are your thing, hey, do it! If not, pay no attention it cost you nothing...(maybe.) Yes, pampering oneself feels great but we also know that women still want a man in their gentleMAN. Fresh haircuts, shaves, and so on are always nice complements, but whatever you choose, choose to be confident in your "Life...With Style"

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Be you, do you, there's no one else better for you to be...

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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