Top 5 Ferrera Fresh Father's Day Gifts

As Father's day soon approaches, some have procrastinated on gift purchases and wondering what to buy. Yeah, we all know that neckties are the last minute resort and can always work, but think about the countless ties dad has already received as gifts. Here are some good idea to kick your Father's Day gift giving up a notch from the "Ferrera Fresh" mind of Michael Ferrera. Lets start with number 5...

5. Toys! (i.e. Technology) - Why? Because most guys have always loved toys, so as we get older toys don't get lost, they just get a bit more expensive! With the iPad often sold out, the release of the first ever 4G phone in the HTC Evo, and the soon to be released the 4th generation iPhone try to get your hands on one of these gifts and dad will be in for a treat! If not, gift certificates for these gadgets are great ideas as well!

4. Custom Photo and Frame - Why? Because if you're a daddy's girl or one of dad's many boys, father's take great pride in their children, young or old. If you can find a memorable photo of you and dad, try having it blown up and mounted into a custom fame or canvas wrapped. With technology these days you can have it in a few days or even hours and can possibly have names engraved on the frame! Try Aaron Brothers locations for this item.

3. Custom Shirt Gift Certificate - Why? Because if he already wears custom shirts he'll love it, and if he's never had a custom shirt he'll love it! The personal fitting, monogram, and experience of a custom shirt will make dad feel like the important man he is. Of course it would be our pleasure to provide the certificate by visiting, but if you're outside of California please give us a call and we can direct you to some other fine clothiers.

2. Personalized Jewelry Cuff Links - Why? Because they are just flat out cool! Cuff links hold their our prestige, but when they are personalized with dad's initials, his chest will poke out a little more with swagger. Even if he's over 50 and doesn't know what "swagger" means! Or better yet, think about adding your name on the cuff links if your his daughter. Try Neiman Marcus for these.

1. Customized Ink Pen - Why? Because when dad has on that beautiful tie, power suit, and that sleek watch, it's only appropriate for him to reach in the coat pocket for a personalized pen with his name on it! Try the pen out in store to make sure it writes smoothly and your set. Try Things Remembered for this item.

The main thing you may notice in "Life...With Style" is to make it personal! Dad will feel like you took the time to think of him and that he is important, which he is!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera


  1. The custom cuff links are my are my favorite out of the top 5!!!! Gentlemen should definitely have a set of custom links. It's a small detail that makes a big statement and impression to me. Attention to detail :-)

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