Are Custom Suits Really That Expensive?

Some have fantasized about the day to put on a suit that fits like a dream. The coat lapel lays perfectly on your chest and wraps precisely around your collar. The matching slacks to the suit don't even need a belt because they fit perfectly to your waste and hips. And, to top it off the slacks land perfectly above your shoe line. Sounds amazing right? Yet some still cringe to fit the bill for a suit of this caliber, but why?

Recently, I had a chance to met a gentleman that complimented me on my attire and then asked "what is it that you do, that you dress so dapper?" I shared with him that, "I teach people how to dress to attract more revenue to their business." His response "Ahhh, and how do you do that?" The short response was "...and I design custom made clothes to create individual styles."

The gentleman was at least 60 plus years of age and no longer wears suits often but he began to share with me his great experience he has had with custom clothes. In his wonderful short story he stated "....I remember one particular custom suit I bought in 1987 that I still occasionally put on to this day." (2010) His story put a great smile on my face, even though it was not surprising. It sparked me to share how inexpensive and extremely enjoyable the custom suit experience can be!

Think about, lets say this gentleman bought his suit in 1987 at a mid-range custom suit price, of what some feel is expensive, at ummm... $1,300 (could be more or less). Again relatively mid-ranged price for a very nice European wool, well tailored to his style, you know, all the trimming. Now, knowing that a rich navy blue 2 button suit, for example, never really goes out of "style", this gentleman did not have to invest in a similar suit for more than 23 years!

Hmmm, on the contrary others may want the quick fix or addition to the wardrobe of the oh-so-common $300 suit, but will have to replenish the suit sooner because of wear and tear! Lets give this common suit, with regular wear, a life span of 2.5 to 3 years to look good, which at this point a new suit would need to be purchased. (You do the math [cough, cough] $2,700 something) Over that same time period that gent with the "inexpensive" suit would have spent more than the gentleman who invested in the so called "expensive" custom suit. Not to mention the time spent
looking for a suit, going to the tailor and so forth.

Please know that there is nothing wrong with the $300 suit or a suit that is feasible at the current time! As I've said before "you don't need custom clothes to look good, but it sure is an enhancement, a reward, and you're worth it!" In addition, in today's era you sure can find some custom clothing shops that start custom suiting under 500 to 600 dollars. Yes, there are some give and takes you may sacrifice among features, but it's still custom.

So, are custom suits really that expensive? Not in a "Life With Style," but you be the judge...

Yours truly

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