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Earlier this year "Life With Style" by Michael Ferrera encouraged you to stay focused, and disciplined in your workout goals this year in our blog post Why wait? Start now and New Year, New Image.

As we start the second quarter of the year it might be time to kick the workout up a notch! If you haven't be as consistent as you want make sure to revisit your goals (yes your fitness goals should be on paper) and find little ways you can get back on track and stay focused. You still have time before beach season.

For you who has been on track with your fitness program, nice work! Your style and wardrobe will appreciate your fitness habits, keep it up. In a recent article by Men's Health I read about ways to enhance your workout and Overcoming Exercise Excuses. We've heard them all: "I look fine," "my body needs rest," "It's raining," "I'm bored" and the list of excuses goes on. Get over it! By planning your fitness activities, it can help your habits and improve your overall image. Take a look the MH article for quick reminders and tips that will encourage you in living a "fit" Life...With Style!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Get your fitness workout in! Not only does it make you look good & feel good but it's simply SEXY...

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  1. Besides feeling good physically, I mentally feel better when I workout. I'm not as tired or drained. Everything seems a lil bit better and falls into place . . . .hmmmmmm :-)


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