New Year, New Image!

Happy New Year all!

Every year the number one resolution in the US is to lose weight or get fit, and many times it does happen! The most rewarding part of accomplishing this goal is the confidence and enthusiasm one has with the new look!

Now that the body is toned, remember to enhance the wardrobe as well. Let the ladies see your physique in well tailored or custom made clothing. Let the ladies wonder what's, beneath your clothes because they fit so well and the gents compliment your cool new image. Here are some tips to accent that new fit body:

1. Ditch the old clothes completely! Do not get them tailored. It's a new you, reward yourself with new clothes. If you know a custom clothier near you schedule an appointment for a fitting. Many times custom clothing is not as expensive as people think and is very similar in price to designer clothes, but the fit is incredibly better!

2. Try stripes in your shirts, vertical and thin! Stripes give a slimmer look to the viewing eye. Vertical striped shirts will also cause your torso to look longer, making the new weight loss look proportional to your height, even if you don't consider yourself tall.

3. Embrace more color! Unfortunately, a variety of color and styles are not made for larger sizes. It's usually the boring gray, white, black, or classic blue in all types of clothes. Color other than the norm will cause people to notice you more, and when they do, they will see your new physique. They may even offer a compliment, confirming that work you put in is all worth it!

So stay focused and reach that fitness goal and reward yourself with a fashionable new image for the new you. We'll see you soon with a few more tips in Life...With Style!

Yours Truly
Michael Ferrera

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