Style & Spring 2010

If you haven't started to bring the spring colors out in your style for 2010, it's not lot late! No, it's not "girly" to dress with the season because even as a man we want to be in style, know what's new and what's hot at the moment, so without further ado gents a few colors you will want to bring out for this spring are:

1. Turquoise & Aqua blue - Just as much as you can wear this in casual clothing, it's a cool piece your necktie this season. A great way to add this unique color is in accessories. Ties, handkerchiefs, fabric belts and even boat shoes for casual wear will add some nice color to your attire. Try it gents, you can pull it off!

2. Soft yellow - There are many different hues of yellow. Bright, bold, neon but this season you will see soft yellow be a nice fit. A soft yellow necktie is classic but also try for the soft yellow in your dress shirts, and polo shirts. It definitely shows you know how to dress according to the season!

3. Reorange - It's something like a redish orange, and not the bold Syracuse orange. You will see a variety or designers use this color this season. It works well in accessories such as handkerchiefs, lapel pins, neckties and even bowties. Many gents choose to avoid the bowtie but it definitely has had a fashion rebirth for professional and casual styles as of late, but that's a blog for another day.

Until then, embrace some of these spring colors gents! Show your confidence with spring color as you continue to live, Life with Stye!

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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