Danelle is "Life...With Style"

Truth be told "Life...With Style" has been been and idea for almost a year now and has been in existence for almost 5 months! About a year ago, a good friend of mine Danelle Hairston encouraged me to add a blog for Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing to share my professional insight on fashion and clothing, which you now see.

Danelle is owner of Sugar & Spice Event Design a wedding & event designer in Los Angeles, California. She also is the producer of one of the best blogs I follow on the net at saseventdesign.blogspot.com. Her encouragement is why "Life...With Style" was started and now continues as a lifestyle blog for the perfect gentleman.

With that said, my first blogs were written a while back and I will now hand them to the blog team to update and share with you at "Life...With Style". So Stay tuned for a series of fresh blog post all on V-day for ladies & gents as we approach Valentine's season. I promise you'll "love" them!

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Encourage others to achieve greatness and greatness will be achieved by you in the process because of the encouragement.

Thank you Danelle, you're definitely living "Life...With Style"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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