Tying that "Fat" Knot!

The end of the year brings a variety of invites to holiday balls, dinners, and fancy socials events we may not attend throughout the year which means...dressing up!

In this post you'll see a few videos on how to tie the perfect knot with the perfect shirts. Smaller knots like a Pratt or Four-in-Hand for narrow collars. Wider knots like a Windsor or Full Windsor for wide or cut away collars.

I've heard some men ask: "How do I tie that 'fat' knot?" The trick is to bring the wider side of the tie a little higher up on your neck, about 2 inches when tying it. Then tie a Full Windsor knot! Mmmm, it looks nice! Also, you may want to think about using a extra long ties doesn't look too short when your finished. The video will show you how to tie the knot. The trick I shared will show you how to make the knot "fat!"

Nonetheless, take a look at the videos and if you think this is helpful, let us know. After looking at a ton of videos not giving exactly what we want, we're thinking of starting a gentleman's YouTube channel only if we can add value to gents in the area of wardrobe.

Tie those fancy knots gents and live Life...With Style!

Yours truly,

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