Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

As an avid fitness & fashion fanatic, the holiday food can be a bummer to fitness success. Being a regular reader of Men's Health magazine and online blogs, I had to share this insightful article on avoiding the holiday weight gain.

The idea I like most to avoid mindless eating is to: Talk more, Eat less! The holidays are a great time to catch up and talk with loved ones we don't get to see all year. Therefore, by you indulging in quality conversations, it automatically will cause you to overlook the constant munching on the ginger bread cookies, or rice krispies treats!

Take a look at the article for quick ideas to stay fit this holiday season while still living "Life...With Style!"

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

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  1. Staying fit is important year round!!! There is a way to balance eating good food, having fun, and staying in shape, people just need to figure out what works for them :-) Great topic........


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