A Gent With a Lady at Christmas

Gents, the holidays are here and you may have seen the holiday "Ferrera Fresh Tips" on Twitter!

For some reason the girlfriend, spouse, daughters, or female friends seem to be more happy and joyous during the holiday season than we are. Maybe it's because we're the one's buying the expensive gifts. (Just Kidding)

I don't know, but perhaps in the cold weather they like the closeness and warmth of the man they love, and that's you! Gentleman remember to embrace it. Comfort them, be the man they fell in love with, at all times. Now that you have your lady don't slack off and say "I used to do..." or "I don't have to anymore." Yes, continue to give the nice gifts, love & affection, and the surprises you gave on that first Christmas together. With ladies it never gets old...

Remember a gentleman gives gifts to ladies, children and other gents as well. Enjoy the holidays! Live Life...With Style!

Ferrera Fresh Tip: Gents for some reason ladies like the holidays more than us. Enjoy it with her, never minimize her excitement...

Yours truly,

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  1. i really appreciate you being a positive reference point for young men -men of all ages rather. keep up the good work!


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