The 2009 VMA Red Carpet "...With Style"

With all the posts on Kanye's antics at the VMAs Sunday, there's no need for Mr. Ferrera to write a full blog about it. But, know Kanye definitely displayed how to live life WITHOUT style!

Now, Beyonce on the other hand, I admire the way she carried herself in the midst of it all. Allowing Taylor Swift to come back on stage during her acceptance time was a real classy way of handling it all. That's living "Life...With Style!" Now we just got to find a way to get her boy Jay in Michael Ferrera Custom.

Moving on, I have to talk about the fashion, the wardrobe, and the styles! With Lady Gaga's outfit I was so confused. Were we going to Mardi Gras, or to one of the most fashionable events of the year? But I guess she can get away with it when she has one of the biggest songs of the year and showed up to the awards with Kermit the Frog as her escort!

How did Balmain and their stylists let Pink and Shakira wear the same dress? At least their personalities had style and they both smiled about it!

Diddy, Ne-Yo and the other well dressed regulars at the VMAs were on point as usual...but what did impress me was the "after five" look of Adam Brody! He was going for the chill, cool look at a very fashionable event, and it was job well done! Gents please know this is a look that can be pulled off by you too. The loosened tie look when walking out the office can say to a lady, "Yeah, I've been working and I get it done!"

See you soon and remember, live "Life...With Style"

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