Is it really Fall?

So, the first day of fall in some cities of Southern California had 107 degree weather, WOW! All the preparation for the fall and winter wears have a little bit of a hold up. But, please remember, as we said in the previous blogs, gradually fade in to your autumn colors, not only for the look, but for comfort as well.

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen please know this is the perfect opportunity to display your fall styles and still use some of the same options for other fly looks later in the season. As a custom clothing designer I encourage many of my clients to invest in the full 3 piece suit. (I encourage you to do so as well, even if you don't currently go custom.) When the weather is hot like it was the first day of fall 2009, you can simply do as you did in the summer and ditch the coat. Yes, do take it with you to work, but once inside hang it on a hanger (Hint: have a coat hanger in your office) and show off the vest all day. Even wear it in your appointments, meetings and out to lunch, wear only the vest; it maintains the professional fall look of a 3 piece while staying cool in the unexpected heat.

For those of you in other parts of the country...Ahhh, just another luxury we have of living in Sunny California. But, we know you all may have more wardrobe options to adapt to the climate, bring it out, try something new this season, try custom if you haven't.

So even when it's a hot fall, show off your "flyness" people; live "Life...With Style!"

"Don't forget to roll up the sleeves
as you walk out the office for another look"

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  1. Feeling this look....the vest with or without the coat!!!


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