Ferrera Fresh Fitness Travel Tips

How easily a workout plan can be thrown off guard!

Above finding the right workout, the right fitness trainer, and eating plan the most important part of a fitness plan is to stick with it! Yet with the business of life, we all have times we're traveling for business (or leisure) and the overload of sponsored dinners, lunch on the go and quick snacks can thrown a fitness plan for a loop. Our bodies can get use to workout habits and the gym at a set time, so what do we do in our life with style?

1. Use the hotel gym! Yes, most resort style hotels have a fitness center many times free or sometimes half to cost of your at home gym member ship, which is why we hesitate to pay for it. But sometimes we don't have time for fitness while out of town and not to mention that some of the "gyms" are not too good, so...

2. Use the Ferrera Fresh "I-got-10-minutes-to-MAiNtain"! - What this is, is simple fitness exercises you can do in your hotel room so that your body and mind can stay active even in a short period of time, just to keep the fitness habit. By trying a push-up and sit-up routine before hopping in the shower can get your heart pumping and body muscles working. Go for 100 of each or 10 different exercises for 1 minute each. Stretching is good to add before and after your workout too, or...

3. Use the pool! - Many ladies just like to lay around the pool in a cute swimsuit and a book, but you can use it for fitness, which is a good workout. Just before the pool will close, or early in the morning, do a few swim strokes for about 10-15 mins. The reason this is good is that (one) most of us do not swim everyday, so a short actual swim session will use body parts we do not use often giving you a full body workout. (Two) allows you to hold breath causing an unknown breathing exercise by making your lungs work harder and (three) swimming allows your heart rate to get up quickly with an uncommon activity.

So keep it fresh, "Ferrera Fresh" that is and even when you're traveling in style, you can still live a fit "Life...With Style!" Hint: this works for ladies too.

Also see Men's Health for a great article on other tips for fitness & travel!

Yours Truly,
Michael Ferrera
via Orlando, FL


  1. Thanks for the tips . . . I usually don't work out on vacation but I might try some of these next week while I'm out of town :-)

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