'10 Gentleman!

After finally getting past the front cover featuring the oh so glamorous and sexy Rihanna, the first issue of 2010 GQ did stay true to the gentleman. Yes, a gentleman does appreciate a beautiful lady, but we want to know the things that keep us in style, and up beat in order to get the lady.

In this issue of GQ there is great emphasis on wardrobe & image enhancements for 2010, a topic we recently addressed in our blog. In the top 6 things to enhance your wardrobe this year GQ says to add color in your dress shirts. With #6 being "know the power of three." A three piece suit that is. The three piece suit holds so much value because it can be mixed and match with other pieces of clothing in a minimum of 7 different ways, including a casual cool look of just denim and vest. (The third piece) So, remember to invest in the three piece suit.

This issue also features a list of the top 10 new restaurants in the nation, where California was mentioned twice with The Bazaar - Los Angeles and 54 Mint - San Fransisco. Finally, in the this issue we see athlete turned super model in Derrick Rose. Rose is the star of the NBA franchise Chicago Bulls, but here we see him "Ferrera Fresh" in high fashion leather jackets, neckties, and limited edition sneakers.

Nonetheless, check out not only Ms. hot Rihanna, but the inside of January's GQ for hints & tips on adding to your "Life...With Style!"

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Derrick Rose GQ '10

Derrick Rose GQ '10

MFCC doing "Research"

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