"Who is Michael Ferrera?"

The interview by Michael with Mr. Ferrera. The purpose of this 1st blog post is to introduce Michael Ferrera to the world. I want to share who Mr. Ferrera is, what motivates me to do what I do, and why I choose to share my gifts, hints, and tips with the blogger world.

So, please check the interview and stay close to the future blog posts on “Life…With Style” by Michael Ferrera.

Michael: So who is Michael Ferrera and what do you?

Mr. Ferrera: (He smiles) Michael Ferrera, I am the man behind the brand. I am the custom clothing designer, stylist, and wardrobe consultant at Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing. And what I do is educate people how to enhance their appearance and attire in order to generate more revenue to their business! I study fashion, colors and patterns in order to share with people how all these components can enhance one’s images, and what it conveys to the people they come in contact with.

Michael: Wow! That sounds like fun and a lot information you can share. True?

Mr. Ferrera: Absolutely, it is fun and a ton of work! But, the most important thing is to help people.

Michael: So Mr. Ferrera did you study fashion or go to school for this?

Mr. Ferrera: I get this question all the time. I actually graduated from UC Riverside, after studying economics. While in college, I started my first clothing line and just continued taking it to higher levels, and there still are other levels we’re headed. Now I participate in many fashion, design, and etiquette organizations to continue to advance my knowledge.

Michael: As a designer what is it that you specialize in?

Mr. Ferrera: My specialty as a designer is bespoke menswear. I have no “ready made” products. Everything I do for my clients is one-of-a-kind and made to order with the exact specifications of the client. I do a full collection of business suits, dress shirts, blazers, slacks and neckties.

Michael: You know I have to ask…Do you design woman’s clothes?

Mr. Ferrera: (He chuckles) We have considered it, but, at this time we’re focused on producing phenomenal menswear. We may explore doing custom clothing for women in the future.

Michael: So you’re a designer, a consultant. Why did you choose to start the “Life…With Style” blog?

Mr. Ferrera. The idea and purpose of “Life…With Style”, is to encourage people to not just live life and go through the motions, but to enjoy and embrace life as the true gift that it is. To live life at its fullest, extraordinary, exciting! To live life with style, your unique style!

See you soon, yours truly…

Michael Ferrera


“Life…With Style”

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