Why Didn't She Call Back?

Have you ever been in the awkward situation when you call a chick and she doesn't call back? But that's not it, you happen to cross paths at a mutual event. Sounds funny huh, and can be very awkward but as the perfect gentleman what should you do?

If you happen to see a female in public that hasn’t called you back yet, it might seem awkward but keep your cool! There may be no particular reason as to why a she has not called you back so be cordial, be a gentleman and communicate as you would with a person you haven’t seen in a while. say hello to her, shake hands or hug and converse as you normally would. If the conversation continues to more than just hello and small talk, you can mention that you have called and if she has received your message. You can even say it in a joking way to lighten up the awkward moment for both of you. Whatever response she has, show no emotion as if it did not bother you and carry on. If you know why she may have not called you back be wise and just leave the topic alone.

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