Approach Her...Strategically

For some gentleman it is easy to approach ladies and start a full conversation from out of the blue, for other gents that is not the case. For both gentleman approaching that lovely lady can and should be very strategic! Your small interactions before an actual conversation occurs can be helpful in your approach. Your smile, your composure, a "wink" or just your gentlemanly swag can capture her attention before you even start talking. These little things can make a big difference between if a lady will talk to you or not!

If you are in an environment you attend regularly like a fitness gym, a club where only members can attend, or a 26 story office build, chances are you have probably seen the lady before, and will eventually see her again. Not to mention, that if you're at your best at all times, she's probably noticed you too! So use this to your advantage. You do not need to approach a female at your first glance or first time you connect eyes. There's many pretty ladies in the world, notice her and move on. In the mean time, set up your future contact. Smile, wave, say a short hello or wink and that is it. Depending on the response you get proceed or simply set up a more in depth "hello" on your second, third, or so encounter.

Of course there is always the case where the lady is drop dead gorgeous, which is when you have to just make an approach! In other cases be strategic, pretty ladies get straight forward approaches from a ton of guys often, you don't want to be looked at as "just another guy..."

That's "Life...With Style!"

Ferrera Fresh Tip:
Your always communicating, even when you're saying nothing...

Yours truly,
Michael Ferrera

HITCH 2005
The Approach...Strategically!

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