Holiday Gift Giving

Christmas holidays, a time to share with the ones you love. To share gifts with those to bring smiles to there faces! A life with style, consist of giving in style as well. This post will give you Four Ferrera Fresh tips & ideas that can give your giving personalized style.

1. The number one tip in gift giving is: to be a good listener! Many times throughout the year the people you are giving gifts to have mentioned things they like or would want. Listen up and grab a few of those things they enjoy. The additional enjoyment they will have is that you remember and listen.

2. Tip number two is: to personalize gifts! "If" you can in all cases ditch the gift cards unless that is exactly what the person has asked for. It's so impersonal. Try placing monograms on a man's shirt, initialize cufflinks, or a personal message on the back of any item they can reference any time. For ladies: Try personalizing pictures in the new iPod or cell phone, engrave initials or message in a tennis bracelet, or personalize shirts and robes. Be creative!

3. Tip three for kids: just get them what they want! Personalizing, custom made, and all that, kids over look. Their list are so long they forget the stuff they had on it, Christmas day. Just don't forget the main gift. That one gift they would give up others for. Maaaan, that is so important if you can.

4. Tip four is to just relax! We see people every year, running around, pulling there hair out because they can't find something or don't know what to get. Just relax. Sit back and "think" before moving. When you know what you're going shopping for this season it makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

Hope you've enjoyed the Four Ferrera Fresh tips to holiday shopping. See you soon. Live Life...With Style!

Yours Truly


  1. Anonymous12/11/2009

    Tip #1 is spot on! Listening carefully (and conversely, giving good tips to receive) is a great way to give the perfect gift!

  2. Yup, you are correct...Coming from a true expert!


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