Nail, Style!

As a lady who lives her “Life…With Style,” it’s extremely important to take good care of yourself. One of the many ways I do this is to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure every two weeks. There are many benefits to getting a regular mani/pedi, including making your hands and feet look better, preventing nail diseases and disorders, strengthening nails, growing naturally long nails, and much more. Best of all, it is deeply relaxing and can give you added confidence to your appearance.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s hot in terms of nail color this fall/winter:

Super dark shades

Deep, almost black colors, such as midnight blue, dark emerald, deep wine purple and delicious raisin, are popular this season.

Matte colors

Deep, powerful colors without shine are also big for fall/winter. Keep in mind that matte polishes do not wear as long as regular nail lacquers and should not be worn with base or top coats.

Shades of white

Surprisingly, the summer trend of bright, thick whites (a la Gwen Stefani) is still appropriate for fall.

Even though life can be super busy at times, always remember to pamper yourself and to live “Life…With Style!”

Michelle Stewart

Marketing Specialist


  1. Nothing like a fresh mani/pedi :-) to brighten up the day. I am a fan of the OPI colors, I don't buy anything these days. Color is fun...I change my color at least once a week :-)

  2. Good one! I'm all for the deep reds and purples this season. Supposedly, nail stickers called Minx Nails are in too, which a lot of celebs have been spotted in lately.


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